I'll Do For You -Lyrics-

I'll Do 4 U - Old School Hip Hop & Freestyle
[Father MC] {Talking}
I'm Talkin to you and no-one else
I just want you to know
That I'll Do For You

Chorus: (Singers)
If You Do For Me
I will Do For You
(repeat X4)

[Father MC]
Well excuse me let me let you know the time
On how i feel and whats on my mind
Its you that I want to be in my life
And if its possible you will be my wife
I lead you in the right direction, of course
Never play you out, so theres no laws
I'll be your love daddy just wait and see
That me and you, we were ment to be

Chorus X4

[Father MC]
I wanna treat ya like a queen
Cook and clean
Get yo bubble bath ready so I can rub you where not seen
And watch how gentle I'll be when I rub your back
And after that theres aradiant coniac
A little romance for the quiet storm
And ah lotta lovin for the whole night long
I'm gonna caress ya body and give you a kiss
And ah rub you down where you been missed
Nibble and your navel and kiss your thigh
Play with your hair cause I'm on a love high
Well I don't know its the way that I am
Introduce me to yo mother and I'll say hello mam
Well I don't know its the way I was brought up
Respect my female and never get caught up
In another affair and I believe the same
If you try to be slick then the doors will open

Chorus X4

[Father MC] {Interlude}
Yeah you know sweetheart
I told you once
And i feel i don't have to tell you anymore
It's you that i want, and it's you
That i'll do for

[Father MC]
Since we both know what we want lets get it together
And fly like two birds up a feather
Cause I'm ah protect me and look out for my
Feelings and thats why I always try
To be loyal and gentle and lay and lent
Observe the female incase I must leave camp
And if I have to break out you don't deserve
To live a good life and love a black hummin bird
It may be sexy but it is true
If you try adore then I'll adore you
And if you treat me then
I'll treat you wit opens arms and a rose just to greet you
Love you dearly respect and care for
You my dear so how could you ignore
The way I feel is real from the start
So I stop playin games and mastered the art

Chorus X8
till fade