New Jack Swing -Lyrics-

New Jack Swing - Best of Old School Hip-Hop
It's the New Jack Swing

Was it something wrong that she can clean
All you gotta do is c'mon and sing
Word for word, all the lyrics that I bring
And if you feel the swing in your body
When you step in cool inside a party
Watching all the girls just bumping like hotties
They have humps that's better than Ferrari's
So I gotta try these
Dancing with a girl on my lap 
I was chancing, hoping she was the type for romancing
But my rap needed a little enhancing
Because this girl needed some answering
Nothing I said, I started to complain and turning red
Then I told her just to be about Ted
She gave a wink
But can't believe a thing about the New Jack Swing 

Can't believe a thing about the New Jack Swing 

1-2-3 I named it New Jack Swing

Yes, T.R. is my name

Making you girls do my thing

It's the way I entertain baby

I'm on the beat you like

Yes, that's right
Its outta sight
All the bumps are very high
Yes, T.R. is grooving it right
I got Keith Sweat, Heavy D, Today, Mo Dee, B. Sure and my man Bobby 
I got Cinnamon, Redhead, Boy George, James, DJ and my homeboys Guy

Can't believe a thing about the New Jack Swing 
(burn it up!)

Back to the matter
The New Jack Swing
It's the sound that can flatter
Even if the sound around town doesn't give a
Same type of feeling that this one delivers
So your body shivers
So bad, so dope big metal thing you wish you had
Bumping your feeling from glad to sad
But your not getting offensive
Just chill and get whipped by the New Jack Swing

Can't believe a thing about the New Jack Swing 4X