Peachfuzz -Lyrics-

Peachfuzz - Mr. Hood
* girls giggling * 

Oh Pete Nice? I'm smoother than him man I mean 
he wears suits and all you know no disrespect.. *incomprehensible* 

Yeah right just a thought (* giggling *) 

[Zev Love X] 
Heavy D yo the girls they love me 
(* girls crack up *) They love me I just know it! 

Yea Positive K? He's dip dip divin ?? 

Yeah right 

[Zev Love X] 
Yeah LL yo he might keep the girls +Jinglin+ 
but yo.. I'm the man (* girls crack up *) 
I'm the man, as a matter of fact 
Yo, see they laughin at me man 

I'm the man! 

[Zev Love X] 
Yo, that ain't right 
Yo, well anyway 

By the hairs of my chinny chin chin, gots many plus plenty 
String by string, I think I counts like twenty 
If you loan me a ear, I'll return it with interest 
If not, I'll simply twist the wrist 
So listen up closely, with thoughts to recoup me 
Cause I hope to gross like ten cent per groupie 
Now only if I had two G's per strand 
Ask my anchor banker, he understands 
I used to wrap my hand around a cold gold can 
Someone once said health is wealth, so check self 
I gots a perfect check-up, 'cept for a hiccup, roll with no stick-up 
How can I keep the goya nectars on my shelf? 
Oh boya how I searched for an employer 
But before Zeale Huckleberry film was in Tom Sawyer 
Now use your imagination, just a smidgen 
If I was a bird I'd be a pigeon 
Succumb one to crumbs and pizza crust, when every fella can 
eat fresh fish and live fat like pelican 
Then again, that's only if your capable for freckles 
or blue eyes -- I settle for Heckle'n'Jeckle 
while I chuckle at my man with the cellular phone 
The only phone I own's a funky xylophone's tone 
Ain't no joint in, annoyin high-pitched ringin 
We do the tap twist and twitch bringin 
through soul and this cordless thingamajig 
Sure as Onyx's clippers etch a clue to your wig 
We'll do the gig so make your mind ?? 
The pipe, the bowl or us fiddlers, don't riddle us 
I'll even ride a bus to the coast if clear 
For okay pay, I'll say ?? 
Now all this runnin round's kickin me right in the rear 
And still I'm judged by the hairs on my chinny chin chin 
And I'm able to hit a skin (* girls giggling *) 
just like my man Puba Maxwell, so I'm smooth 

Yeah, candy get the job done but yo, I take care of business 

[Zev Love X] 
{Peachfuzz Now what's up with this peachfuzz nonsense? 
{Peachfuzz What are y'all talkin about this peachfuzz? 
{Peachfuzz Nah, I just got one thing to say 
{Peachfuzz Ahh man.. 

By the hairs of my chinny chin chin, six black hairs 
String by string, I think I counts five pairs 
That's a little, but still, can I get a thumbs up? 
At least for the peachfuzz that sums up 
a tidbit, yeah that's it, but who gives a sugar 
honey iced tea besides me 
For if, I ever riff, yet and still, ? windmills 
So I take time just to kill 
I say cute is for a bear, teddy bear like Teddy Ruxpin 
Would I be handsome if I pimped in a tux then 
smoked a cigar with some black chinese shoes then 
picked up some friends in my Benz and start cruisin 
Huh, that's a dream that I ain't even livin 
If that makes a man, surely I'll recommend 
I'll stay a toy boy eatin Butterfingers 
With Knowledge of Self, and colorin books on my shelf 
I wanna grow up, cause maybe if I did then 
I wouldn't be treated like a Toys'R'Us kid when 
they counts ten upon my chin 
By the hairs of my peachfuzz, let's say each was 
an inch, psych because I can't pull or pinch 
It's a wrench, and I thought life would be a cinch 
But anyway, anyhow, let's talk about someway somehow 
that I can make my peachfuzz grow out 
Really, do I need beard that grows with no pores 
just to be respected and resemble Santa Claus? 
Hear this clear, I'm a MAN I tell ya 
No dreams or drugs like the slugs will I ever sell ya 
A man I am, in the body of a youth 
So don't play me like I'm Born Universe Truth Truth 
So when I knock at your hearts, let me in 
And judge me not by the hairs of my chinny chin chin 

Yeah, that's what we call, pimpin presence yo 
Call me tonight, knowhatI'msayin? 

(* girls laughing *) You got it 

[Zev Love X] 
Yeah, you know I eat no pork 
So why can't I be as smooth as my man Dr. York? 
(* girls crack up *) I see none! 

Yo.. I'm smoother than the bottom of Hammer's shoes 
after three hundred spins 

[Zev Love X] 
No love here 
No hair on my chest, but my boy Ak West, I'm just smoother 
I'm just smoother 

Yeah right 

I'm definitely smoother than y'all just saw 

It's about time! 

[Zev Love X] 
I'm sayin, yo but, I don't want to hear 
{Peachfuzz none of this peachfuzz nonsense 
{Peachfuzz (Can't understand) Peachfuzz 
{Peachfuzz You know 
{Peachfuzz * girls giggling * 

{Peachfuzz He's a little boy 
{Peachfuzz * giggling * 
{Peachfuzz * laughing * 
{Peachfuzz .. * fades *