Teddy Bear -Lyrics-

Teddy Bear - Naughty Bits - EP

Yeah, what up loc?
Pro comin' on hard
With a one nine nine oh tray

And this is how it should be done
I'm back baby
Yeah, yeah, yeah

I wanna be your teddy bear
I wanna be, I wanna be your teddy bear
One, two, three, give it to me

Dim the lights baby
Unplug the phone
Because your daddy's home

We can do it 'til the break of dawn
I feel the need to love you all night long
Ah, don't be afraid to say you're lonely
'Cause deep inside I know you're horny

Satisfaction is guaranteed
Come and let the teddy bear fulfill your every need
(Show 'em how it should be done)

I wanna be your teddy bear
I'll take you anywhere
Let me make love tonight
I wanna be your teddy bear
I'll take you anywhere
Let me be your teddy tonight

I think I wanna rock a little jazz!...

Bad teddy, run teddy
Come on run teddy
Teddy Roosevelt
Now give it up
And I'm dustin', bustin'
Better to believe I keep thrustin'
Just the thrust
Keep the satin' sheets rustlin'

Look here baby
I've been watching you
You're a sexy lady with an attitude
(Word up)
Check me, baby, all up and down
Come tease me, baby

If nights are nasty to a girl like you
But deep in my heart you know it's true
You got me thinkin' about you night and day
There's so much that I need to say

[Repeat CHORUS]

Teddy bear is me
So just squeeze me and hold me tight
Loving me down with no room for us to fight
I'm not wetting
But you can call me Winnie Pooh
Being your teddy bear
Is something I wanna do
I use night game
What up, want some action
I'm tryin' to get down
That's my style and my fashion
What's up with this teddy bear
What up with some kisses
My heart is still
Can I get a witness

What's romance without the fun
I got ecstacy?
So catch my rhythm, baby, if you can
'Cause I'm gonna be your only man

[Repeat CHORUS 2x]