Iesha -Lyrics-

  Iesha - Coolin' At the Playground Ya Know!
Iesha, Iesha so glad to meetcha 
See you in the schoolyard strollin' wit your techa 
The lil skirt you played was realy fly 
She turned around and she winked her eye so I 
Stepped to her like I knew her the Biv is cool but Romell is cooler 
The bell rang cuz I started to talk yet the class is not there no more 

(Yo Red, where'd you meet her?) 

At the playground, ya know 
That's where I saw this cutie 
This girl was swingin' and she looked so fly 
On the monkey bars, we climbed up to the top and 
She touched my hand that's when I fell in love 


2 - Iesha.. 
You are the girl that I neva had 
And I want to get to know you bettah 
You know I want you so bad 
And there's nothing anyone can do 
To keep me away from you 

Mike Bivins: 
Yo Dallas man these five young boys out of Atlanta GA are a real adventure 
They kinda like remind me of me and my boys New Edition, know what I'm sayin 
So all you people out there ridin' in your cars listenin to the radio station 
Or coolin' back in the living room watchin this here video, ay yo peep the 2nd verse 

We played Nintendo 
This was her very first date 
I didn't wanna make it seem to fly 
We ate cereal 
She couldn't stay out at late 
Her mother told her to be home at nine 

[Repeat 2] 


(Ronnie Bobby Ricky and Mike) 
Chris, Mark, Red, Da, Ro x2 

Yo Ro u might sound to sure so wutcha gonna do? 
I dunno Da, I only got one more rap and I'm gonna see what happens 

Threw down my books went up to the door 
Pressed the bell what was in store? 
Iesha came out with a smile (oh no) 
She aint worth the while 
So I passed her a lolli pop and a letter 
Told her so let's keep this a secret 
No remember Iesha, only u can keep this, peace