Full Term Love -Lyrics-

  Full Term Love - Class Act (Music from the Motion Picture)
Full term love [x2] 
[Verse 1] 
To be or not to be that is the question 
Brothers be hawking sisters sometime with no intention 
of tryna get serious, I mean make a commitment 
Come on honey insecurity flows in by the shipment 
Pardon the expression but are you already taken 
I live around the way boy so don't be tryna fake 
And if you wanna know me better I suggest you follow 
'Cause I ain't tryna start up nothing destined to be hollow 
You say you understand good no need for me to wonder 
Wanna be my man alright well here's my name and number 
But if you're not sure you better stop look listen and 
Learn because I'm looking for a love that will last full term 
Full term love [x4] 
[Verse 2] 
OK we're on a date you wanna take me to movies 
Dinner and dancing and after that a little room please 
No I'm not the one so the thought you can delete 
Because it's very tracky and it's only been a week 
Now you wanna hit the sheets (no) don't really think so 
Make it all complete (no) I don't really think so 
Wanna be fast then before you even blink I'll be talking to another 
(Where'd) you meet him at the rink oh 
Speedy Gonzalez you better slow down 
Because I'm levelheaded with my feet on the ground 
Why don't you try and do something constructive for instance 
Committing to a love that will last the full distance 
Full term love [x8] 
[Verse 3] 
You wonder why you see me at the bus stop everyday 
It's because I have a job so there's nothing no one can say 
Don't try to treat me like a stepchild with ring around the collar 
Or even a pest because I don't want your dollars 
It's simply just a cool thing called love and understanding 
A little sincerity and that's all that I'm demanding 
A brother who can say "honey your wish is my command" 
And if you can't get it then I'll leave you where you're standing 
I'm tryna get something that's mo' better 
You see an easy around the way go sweat her 
I'm telling you now without being undercover 
That I might be an around the way girl 
But I'm a full term lover brother 
Full term love [x8]