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The Things That U Do -Lyrics-

The Things That U Do (Hula Radio Remix) - The Very Best of D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince


It's just the things that you do (5x)
The way you do the things you do

(Verse 1)

8 o'clock the alarm clock sound
I grab my shoe and turn the damn thing down
But now it's 9 o'clock and I still ain't up up yet
Work on time, yeah I admire the concept
You got me yearnin' and I'm here anticipating
Seeing you I can't wait it's hard to concentrate
My mind is blind from all the times thinking of you
And the way you do things you do


(Verse 2)

A walk in the park for a midnight rendezvous
A slow dance, romance, my motive is see through
I wanna be with you and I ain't hiding it
A wave of love and I'm gliding and ridin' it
Things like that when you hear me say
Sort of sounds like that same old cliche
Climb the highest mountain swim the deepest sea
But I can't front, I want you to want me
Cause baby when you grab me tightly
You send chills and tend to excite me
When you caress and fondle me lightly
Oh girl watch up cause you might be
Settin' yourself up the way that you tease me
Cause sooner or later you're gonna have to please me
It's just something about you
The way you do things you do


(Verse 3)

Now why oh why would an incredibly fly guy like me
Be chasing one lady

It's just something about you
The way you carry yourself when you're out you
Seem to have a sort of a captivating style
I've fought the feeling
But your whip is appealing
Since this is a subject that I brought up
I might as well just admit that I'm caught up
It ain't the clothes that you're wearin'
Your perfume or the style that your hair's in
It ain't your body or how slim your waist is
Your new jeans or how pretty your face is
But I feel funny when in close proximity
Make me wonder what's gettin' in to me
It's just something about you
The way you do the things you do



It's just the things that you do (2x)
The way you do the things you do

(Verse 4)

The mystery's of this world I ponder
Just sittin' back let my mind wander
What-the, why-the, who-dda, how-dda hell
does this young lady drive me so crazy
In response to a thought that you're thinkin'
I send you a kiss or a wink or a smile
Just to show you it's something about you
The way you do the things you do

Come here, come here
Come on out, don't worry
You want me to chase you don't you?
Just come here, I've got you now

The way you do the things you

It's just the things that you do
(the way you do the things you do) (10x)


The way (repeated several times)


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