Somebody For Me -Lyrics-

Peaceful Journey - Heavy D & The Boyz
Oh yeah...

Love somebo-dy...

[Al B. Sure! harmonizes]

[Chorus x2: Al B. Sure!]
Love somebo-dy who loves me for me
Happy hap-py where I wanna be

[Heavy D:]
I'll search low, and I'll search high
Tryin to find myself a cutie pie
But destiny leads me to a dead end
(love somebo-dy) Over and over and over again
They told me to wait, so I waited
Anticipated, debatin and delayed it
But still came up with the same ol' thing
... Nothing! (Nothing, nothing...)
It seems as if every time I find a right girl
She turns out to be a big wrong girl
Tell me y'all, when will this madness stop?
(stop, stop, stop, stop...)
I want somebody to love me for me
Not because I'm MC, Heavy D.
I'm looking for a love that's as solid as a rock
(rock, rock, rock, rock...)

[Chorus x2: w/ Heavy D saying "for me"]

[Heavy D (Al B. Sure!):]
Now maybe I'll take a trip around the world
And find myself a beautiful, gorgeous girl
They say when you look, one never find
They also say that love is blind
It ain't that blind that I can't see
Somebody out there who's perfect for me
Somebody who's gonna love me, for me...
(I know you want love...)
Love, THAT'S what I'm talkin about
A relationship, a commitment
Something to live for...
(Maybe if you take, your time...)
Time has been taken and time has been spent
Now it's time for the lover to score...

[Chorus x2]

[Instrumental for about 17 seconds]

[Chorus x2]

Yo, Eddie F. break it down!

[Instrumental for about 34 seconds as Heavy D ad-libs]

[Heavy D:]
Yeah... aight, here we go
So that's the storyline of my life
No cutie PIE, no future wife
Just relationships that bounce back like rubber...
("Yo, word to the mutha!")
I guess I'll call it a day and throw my towel in
'cause it seems that I can't win
So I'll just carry on being an Overweight Lover
("Word... to... mutha!")

[Chorus: until fade]